UIDAI Is Going To Launch Aadhaar Facial Authentication

The Unique Identification Development Authority Of India(UIDAI) is going to introduce Aadhar facial authentication. By this, the citizens of India can easily verify their Aadhaar details. At present, there are some problems while verifying Aadhaar details with biometric scanning like fingerprints and iris scanning. This problem is mostly faced by the senior citizens and hard-working labour of India. So now this new facial Aadhaar authentication is going to benefit them. UIDAI is going to launch Aadhaar facial authentication system form July 2018.

Aadhaar Facial Authentication

What Is Aadhaar Facial Authentication & It’s Uses

In general when the citizens of India want to update their biometric and demographic details like name, date of birth, address etc then they have to verify their details with their fingerprints and iris scanning. When their biometric details don’t match the data encrypted in Aadhar database then they can’t able to update their details.

But the real problem is araising here, in some cases even the same person couldn’t able to verify the details with his biometric details which he has given during Aadhar registration. As we discussed earlier this is mostly happening with senior citizens and hard working labour.

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So now UIDAI ( Unique Identification Development Authority Of India) has decided to introduce Aadhaar facial authentication from July 2018. By this problem, the citizens of India can verify their details with their face. This facial authentication of Aadhaar is going to be linked with any of the aadhaar biometric authentication.

There are so many private and public sector companies are using facial biometric attendance systems to record the attendance of their employees. Now, this system is going to be implemented in Aadhar services. Hope this facial Aadhaar authentication system is going to solve Aadhaar authentication problems in India.

Do share your opinions on the decision of UIDAI on implementing Aadhaar facial authentication system.

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