How To Increase Typing Speed To 40 WPM In Just 10 Days

Are you looking to increase typing speed in English and you want to know what is the average typing speed per minute and how to achieve that. At present scenario most of our work related to computers or laptops. It may be like writing emails, preparing documents, writing coding languages etc. Whatever the work we do in the computer is related to our typing speed. Here you can know about some simple steps on how to increase typing speed to 40 WPM.

To day why I am talking about typing speed of 40 words per minute is, 40 wpm is the minimum average typing speed that every student or employee should need to type. In general, if we don’t know typing and if we type by looking into the computer keyboard,¬†then the average typing speed will be in between 10-15 words per minute.

If you work with a computer daily then 10-15 wpm is not at all useful. So now it is the time to improve your typing speed to minimum 40wpm. Here you can know some easy steps on how to increase typing speed to 40 wpm in just 10 days.

How To Increase Typing Speed To 40 WPM

The first quality we need to improve out typing speed is patience and the second one is hard work. It may difficult in starting days but later you will know the benefits of these hard work.

Steps to increase average typing speed to 40 wpm.

Stop Looking Into Key Board

The first step in increasing typing speed is we have to stop looking into keyboard while typing. We need to concentrate more on the monitor screen so that we know what we are typing and where we are typing errors.

Concentrate On F & J Keys ( Home Row )

Every beginner in typing will start with focusing on F and J keys on key board, We need to put our index fingers on F and J keys of Keyboard. These are present in the home row of the key board. Whenever we finish typing again we need to bring back our index fingers on these keys. F & J keys will have bumps on every keyboard, so it will become easy to identify them. Do practice on home row such ASDF and JKLM for 3 days and after that, you can go for other keys.

How To Increase Typing Speed To 40 WPM

Know Which Finger Should Touch Which Key On Keyboard

This is most important aspect while learning to type. If you know which finger should touch which key then you are almost ready to increase your typing speed, with the little practice you can increase your typing speed to 40 wpm.

How To Increase Typing Speed To 40 WPM

Both the thumb fingers of left and right hands should be kept on space bar of the keyboard.

Use Typing Master To Increase Typing Speed

Typing master is one of the best free soft ware to increase typing speed. There are a lot of games and projects available in Typing master free version by using those you can improve your typing speed.

Do share your opinions and doubts on how to increase typing speed to 40 wpm.

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