What To Do If Jio Recharge Failed But Money Deducted

There are so many queries about what to do if Jio recharge not credited but amount deducted and how to get Jio recharge refund during the failed transaction of Reliance Jio recharge. There are several ways to recharge Jio by using the debit card, credit card, net banking and mobile wallets etc. Whatever the payment platform we use but sometimes everyone will find a situation where Jio recharge failed but money deducted. Here is a small guide on what to when Jio recharge not credited to your Jio account.

What To Do If Jio Recharge Failed But Money Deducted:

Most of us use Jio app to recharge our Jio numbers, but sometimes due to some technical reasons with the mobile app and our bank account the transaction will fail but money will get deducted. In some cases, it happens due to bad internet connection problems and other reasons like getting a call or message during transaction time.

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Now the actual point is what to do when Jio recharge failed but money deducted from my account, whenever a transaction fails then the respective bank will refund the amount within 24-48 hours. Sometimes it will take 1 or 2 days extra time. So when you find that your Jio transaction failed and money deducts then don’t worry, money will be refunded to your bank account within 24-48 hours automatically.

Here is a screenshot of how a failed transaction amount of 41 Rs (For 91 Rs Addon ) has refunded to my bank account. Here I used one of my vouchers, so 50 Rs were already deducted and for remaining 41 Rs the transaction failed but money debited. In this case, within 48 hours I got my money from State Bank Of India.

Jio Recharge Failed But Money Deducted

Similarly when you use wallets like Paytm, Free Charge, Payzapp, Phone pay etc also the amount will be refunded to your wallet balance within 24-48 hours.

What to do even after 48 hours also your Jio recharge amount not refund:

In some rare cases even after 48 hrs also you don’t receive your Jio recharge refund amount, in that case, wait for anotherĀ 2 days and if still, you don’t get the Jio recharge refund amount then write a mail to the help desk of respective bank or wallet company. Then their customer executive will solve your issue.

Do share your opinions and doubts about what to do if Jio Recharge Failed But Money Deducted from your bank account in below comments section.

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