After How Much Time SBI Debit Card Payment Refund Happens

SBI failed transaction refund time varies from one case to another case. Generally when a person makes a transaction with his SBI debitĀ card and when the transaction fails but money deducts from his bank account then he needs to wait for the refund of the failed transaction amount from the State Bank of India. This kind of transactions may happen at places like restaurant, shopping malls, and online payments. The maximum time of SBI debit card payment refund is 30 days. But in some cases, it may happen immediately.

SBI Debit Card Payment Refund

Maximum Time For SBI Debit Card Payment Refund

Nowadays when a transaction fails but money deducts from the bank account then the debit accounts are getting the refund amount within few seconds. In few cases, it is taking maximum 7 days. If the debit account will not get refund amount even after 7 days then the person needs to contact his or her respective State Bank Of India branch either through the mail or directly.

After visiting your respective SBI branch submit a written letter by drafting your issue and request them to credit back the failed SBI debit card payment refund amount. If you are not able to visit your SBI branch directly then send a mail to your respective SBI branch.

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Once the SBI branch receives the information then within 10-15 days they will refund the failed transaction amount. But in some cases, the process will take maximum 30 days. So account holders don’t need to worry about their failed debit card transaction.

SBI Failed Transaction Refund Time 7 days in general
SBI Failed Transaction Refund Time

After Submission Of Complaint

10-15 Days

Generally, this happens at leastĀ one time in the life of every debit card holder. Finally in order to get SBI debit card refund time the debit card holder needs to wait for 7 days, if still refund not credited then submit a written letter then within 10-15 days the refund amount will credit back to the bank account.

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