Driving Licence Search By Name In Andhra Pradesh

There are so many queries on the internet that is it possible to do AP driving licence search by name and date of birth. Generally, people want to know their driving licence number when they lost the original copy of driving licence and if they don’t have any duplicate copies. If you are also one of them and looking for driving licence search by name in AP then here are the complete details on Andhra Pradesh driving licence search.

“If you are looking for driving licence search by name in AP then it is not possible to know your driving licence number and you can’t able to download your driving licence copy in online from AP transport department official website. If you already have driving licence number then you can check the validity, name and approved class of transport vehicles only.”

Driving Licence Search By Name In AP

What To Do If Driving Licence Search By Name In AP Is Not Possible:

If you have lost your driving licence and don’t have any copies of it, then you have to contact your regional RTO office with valid address and date of birth proofs. Then they can help you in getting driving licence number by using their database.

Once you find your driving licence then you can apply for duplicate driving licence copy and it is always advisable to register a complaint at your nearby police station when you lost your driving licence.

How to apply for duplicate driving license in Andhra Pradesh:

The duplicate licence copy in Andhra Pradesh will be issued in following cases

  • When your licence is lost or destroyed
  • When there is a need for replacement of the photograph on your driving licence.
  • When your licence is defaced, torn or completely written up.

Process for applying for the duplicate licence in Andhra Pradesh:

If you belong to any of the above cases then you need to fill LLD form (Intimation of loss or destruction of licence & application for duplicates)

Licence Search By Name In AP

If you have any of defaced or torn copy of driving licence then submit it.

Pay the prescribed fee suggested by your regional RTO.

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