Check Maa Bhoomi Telangana Village 1B 2018

Maa Bhoomi Telangana village 1B consists the details of landowners and this record is also known as the record of right. The revenue officers and other officials will do a survey and visit every village and prepare the 1B form. Based on the information provided in the form 1B landowners will get their land passbooks.  Recently in Telangana also the government has prepared village 1B forms in every village.

Till now the citizens of Telangana state used to check their Telangana Maa Bhoomi village 1B information in the Maa Bhoomi portal of Telangana, but now that website is not working. Telangana state government is going to launch a new website called Dharani in place of Maa Bhoomi website, very soon the site is going to be live. once the site starts it’s operations then every Telangana landowner can check form 1B information in Dharani website.

How To Check Maa Bhoomi Telangana Village 1B:

Once Dharani website becomes live then you are able to check Telangana village 1B information because at present Maa bhoomi website and related mobile applications are not working.

The land owners of Telangana can check their form 1B information by using survey numbers, aadhar number, account number or by the name of the landowner in Dharani website.

Telangana Village 1B Form Consists the Following Information:

Mandal Name

Village Name

Survey numbers of the land

Name of passbook holder

Account number

Details of the land such as whether it is purchased or it is got it from the ancestors

Details like who are cultivating the land etc.

If the land passbook consists any wrong details then those details will be corrected based on the information provided in form 1B, so form 1B is more important then passbook

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